Landscape Design

Concrete walkway with landscapeWe design distinctive outdoor living spaces that resonate with the surrounding architecture and regional conditions. Our design work brings an open-mindedness to each project, focusing on unique landscapes tailored specifically to your particular site.

We are mindful of a project’s natural environment as we create an outdoor living space that resonates with the topography, lighting, plants, and architecture of your project. An outdoor living space is an active part of your overall home and should be designed and built as such.Every aspect of landscape shapes and informs the design of a project. We unify the natural conditions and your vision in our design work and create idealized settings to improve the quality of life for our clients.

We work closely with our clients to offer a thoughtful collaborative approach to landscape design that is unique and detailed. This collaborative approach allows us to create outdoor living spaces tailored to each client’s goals and wishes.

This collaborative process starts with a conversation that helps us fully understand our client’s aesthetic sensibilities. The next step is to unite these aesthetic preferences with the physical and practical realities of your site.

The following are the steps we take to ensure we complete this process in a timely manner and remain within your financial plan.

1) On-Site Meeting

This is the initial meeting between you and our sales/design team. We come to your home and create a list of your wishes and requirements and financial plan. The goal of this meeting is to listen to you, the client, so that we can create a cohesive outdoor living space tailored to each individual client’s vision. We will take thorough pictures and measurements, documenting your site.

2) Preliminary Design and Concepts

Our staff architect and sales/design team will create a presentation of conceptual ideas and a basic design base off our initial meeting. We carefully explain our thought process behind the individual design elements and concepts and use your input and interaction to refine these elements.

3) Final Design

After meeting with you and applying your input to the concept ideas and design, our staff architect will create a final, master design.  The final design will combine all of the previous elements and concepts together to create an outdoor living space that is both beautiful and unique and will stand the test of time.

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