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What is the process for my outdoor living design?

The plan for your outdoor living space is our key to unlocking your vision and making it a reality. When planning an outdoor living space all the options may seem overwhelming and we understand that you want everything to come out perfect.

1. The process begins with a site visit, where we take into account soil conditions, grades, drainage, and existing conditions. The placement of your hardscaping is as affected by climate conditions as the plants you choose. We look at the drainage so that we can incorporate moving water away from the house and hardscape areas into your project. The grade and elevation changes in your yard can have a major impact on your plans and must be addressed to create an accurate design and price for your project. Also, existing utilities, irrigation, septic system, and property lines must be accounted for. All of these elements allow us to set the base for a successful project.

2. The next step in the process is to determine your (the client’s) needs. How do you currently use the yard? How do you want to use the yard? How do you want it to look? Is your maintenance style hands-off or hands-on? And lastly…what is your budget?

We will also ask for a wish list of items that you would like. This enables us to get a sense of what future goals might be and how we can find creative ways to achieve those goals and incorporate them into your current design.

3. We can now begin to work on creating a design for your project. We understand that this is a process and we work with you through various versions of a preliminary plan to create a design that matches your vision for your yard. At this stage, we will start to finalize material selections, as they have an impact on the planning and placement of various elements. This is key to being able to create a finished product that meshes with what you have shared with us.

4. The last step is to create a complete and final design that will guide the installation. We add detailed notes and ensure that everyone working on your project knows your goals and vision.

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