The Best Patio Designs Are Designed Around You

The best patio designs are not only beautiful, but are most importantly designed around the way you intend to use them. It’s so important to have enough space on the patio to allow room for the things that make the patio functional, like: a large primary patio table with chairs that can slide forward and back without falling off the edge of the patio, a bistro set, a fire pit, the grill, a bar or anything else you’d like to see incorporated into your patio space. The patio must also have space to move comfortably through and within the patio from one area to the next.

How Many People Would You Like To Comfortably Seat Or Entertain On Your Patio?

Over the years we’ve found that on average you’ll need roughly 60-90 square feet of patio per person you’d like to comfortably entertain at the same time, which includes the space needed for furniture and space to move easily throughout the patio. So, if you have a family of 4 and you want ample space for a patio table with chairs, a spot for the grill and possibly a small bistro table, you likely need around 240-360 square feet of patio. After 5 people, you’ll usually add much less square footage for additional seating, more like 15-20 square feet per person starting with the 6th. If you’re a family of 4, but also plan to use the patio for larger parties at times, you might consider adding square footage to the space for a total size around 360-450 square feet. Sitting walls are a great way to seat more people during larger gatherings without significantly increasing to total square footage. Our average patio size is roughly 400-450 square feet and is usually meant for 4-5 people, with room to seat more during larger events. This will give you a rough idea of the size you are looking for, but will certainly vary depending on a number of factors.

How Much Does A Paver Patio Cost And What Is The First Step In Getting Started?

Cost will vary depending on which stone you like best, what features you’d like to incorporate and a number of other factors. On average, a concrete paver patio will cost anywhere from $18 – 25 per square foot. Working with a landscape designer is highly recommended to maximize the potential of the space you’re trying to create. A great design is the most important part of the entire process. Contact us today to speak with one of our landscape design professionals at Sheridan Landscaping by phone at 774-413-5012 or submit a quote request online to receive more information on patio design and installation or to set up a free consultation.

Features To Consider Adding To A Patio


Outdoor Lighting (in the blocks or in the area around the patio)

Built-in Barbeque

Outdoor Fireplace/Fire Pit

Full outdoor kitchen

Sitting Wall

Water Feature

Ambient Sound


There are many different ways to design a patio. Often, the design depends on the type of material you want to use. Natural Stone, Brick, and Concrete Pavers are the three primary types of material.

Natural Stone is often laid out in a mosaic or just natural pattern. Stones are picked to fit in the right spot so each patio has a unique look. The picture up above is an example of this. Natural Stone is definitely a more contemporary look for a patio. It’s especially beautiful when paired with a natural stone wall or fire pit.

Some examples of brick designs can be seen to the right. Brick is a classic look in many patios.

Concrete Pavers is also a popular trend in patios. With the numerous sizes, colors, and textures available, a concrete paver patio can be designed in many different ways to fit whatever design features or look you are going for.

With all of the above options, using different colors and materials for borders, accents, and inlays will set your patio apart and give it a personal touch that fits your style and vision.

Project of the Month

Our client was looking to replace the old concrete pool deck at the home they most recently purchased. They wanted a patio with varying colors and character. There was also an old stone porch that needed to be redone and brick front steps that needed repair. We replaced the pool patio with a natural cleft bluestone using a full range of colors for the patio and for the porches.

We installed New England Round Fieldstone veneer to the sides of the porches and capped them off with bluestone treads. These elements give this home a sophisticated new look while giving it character. Our favorite feature is the 23’ long steps that run the length of the rear porch. One of the challenges of the job was using natural cleft stone for the patio. With the inconsistent thickness and varying sizes,

it took a lot of effort to make sure the stones were installed level and even. Our masonry crew did a fantastic job and the result is stunning!